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During the exam Dr. Mildred M.G. Olivier will use a variety of technology to give you as complete of a glaucoma evaluation and consultation as possible. New technologies such as the GDx allow her to determine if you have glaucoma prior to you experiencing any vision loss. It also gives her a baseline by which to follow the progression of glaucoma for individuals already diagnosed. Other reliable technologies such as the Humphrey visual field machine allow Dr. Olivier to determine and measure vision which has already been lost. She can also track progression of a disease with this technology. The perimetry (visual field) examination is the standard used for detecting and evaluating glaucoma.


In some cases, when an individual has been be referred to Dr. Olivier for a glaucoma evaluation the exam may indicate that another specialist is required. Often a Neuro-ophthalmologist (trained in the area of neurology (brain) and ophthalmology (eye) may be required to help determine if the visual field changes are consistent with problems in the brain. We are fortunate to have Dr. Patricia Davis to evaluate patients in the same office. Appointments for Dr. Davis can be made at the time of your departure. She is the only Neuro-ophthalmologist in the Northwest suburbs. Dr. Davis is a board-certified, highly qualified physician who works closely with Dr. Olivier. Many other ophthalmologists in the area refer similar cases to Dr. Davis.


If you are planning a visit, complete our online patient registration form and have the names of medications you are taking handy before you begin. Also any family history including dates, illness, and relationship.

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