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Midwest Glaucoma Center Staff

  • Cybil
  • Audrey


Cybil is a long time employee of the Midwest Glaucoma Center. She is in charge of ensuring that office billings and collections are complete. If there are any pre-certification papers that are needed prior to your appointment, she can let you know. She also can check your insurance to see whether a referral is required. Most questions on payments to the office are finalized with her. Outside the office, Cybil enjoys life with her family.


Audrey is our receptionist. She answers the phone and helps to check you in upon your arrival to our office. She has been working at the Midwest Glaucoma Center for over three years. She speaks to the referring physician and schedules appointment for Drs. Olivier, Parekh and Davis. She sends insurance information and medical history packets to you in the mail or directs you to our website for electronic entry. Audrey processes any information that is needed prior to your examination. She also sees to the collection of co-payments and ensures that the referral letter is sent to your referring physician. Audrey enjoys life with her family outside of the office.